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In 2023. The KL Plaszow Museum carried out a commemoration in the area of the KL Plaszow Memorial Site. As part of the work, the boundaries of two Jewish cemeteries were marked, the historic camp roads were made clear, and the roll call square was surrounded by a gravel strip. Access to the higher areas is provided by three flights of field stairs. At the seven main entrances to the KL Plaszow memorial site, there are boards with regulations specifying the rules applicable on the museum grounds.

The exhibition “KL Plaszow. A Site After, A Site Without” along with complementary field points and archaeological windows provide visitors with a historical commentary. There are also seven monuments at the memorial site that are part of the commemoration of KL Plaszow.


Map of KL Plaszow

Map of KL Plaszow

Map of KL Plaszow, around mid- 1944
Administration and residential buildings for staff
1. Commandant office
2. Ruins of the Funeral Home at the Jewish cemetery of the Kraków community
3. Guards barracks (Wachkaserne)
4. The Grey House
5. Warehouses for robbed property
6. SS officer houses
7. Garages and warehouses

Section for prisoners
8. Children’s barrack
9. Section for Jewish female inmates
10. Quarantine zone and baths
11. Hospital section
12. Supplies sector (kitchen, bakery, warehouses)
13. Barracks for Jewish male inmates
14. Roll-call ground
15. Barracks for Polish inmates

Workshop section
16. Old industrial section
17. Construction materials depot
18. New industrial section

Execution places
A – the first execution place
B – H-Hill
C – C-Pit

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This map of the KL Plaszow was drawn on the basis of a historical camp map and the results of surveys conducted by the Kraków Museum since 2016. The map depicts the status of KL Plaszow in mid-1944 with its main roads, existing buildings, planned structures, fire ponds (water reservoirs for fire fighting) and execution places. Click here to see the map:


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