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In 2023. The KL Plaszow Museum carried out a commemoration in the area of the KL Plaszow Memorial Site. As part of the work, the boundaries of two Jewish cemeteries were marked, the historic camp roads were made clear, and the roll call square was surrounded by a gravel strip. Access to the higher areas is provided by three flights of field stairs. At the seven main entrances to the KL Plaszow memorial site, there are boards with regulations specifying the rules applicable on the museum grounds.

The exhibition “KL Plaszow. A Site After, A Site Without” along with complementary field points and archaeological windows provide visitors with a historical commentary. There are also seven monuments at the memorial site that are part of the commemoration of KL Plaszow.


Rules of visiting

Rules of visiting

The KL Plaszow Museum is a Memorial site; the area of the former Plaszow German Nazi concentration camp. This wide green space is also a war cemetery; there are two Jewish cemeteries, and three mass graves from the period of World War II.

The area is managed by the Museum – the KL Plaszow Memorial Site in Kraków. The German Nazi Labour and Concentration Camp (1942–1945) (in progress).

We encourage you to discover the history of this site, take a walk, reflect and relax.

Please follow certain rules to show your respect for those who died in the camp.

  1. Enjoy the peace pervading this place and let others enjoy it, maintaining silence.
  2. If you walk a dog in the Memorial site, stay on trails, please do not unleash your pet, and do not forget to clean up after your dog.
  3. Respect nature: please stay on trails, do not pick plants, do not leave waste, and do not dig in the soil.
  4. The camp area contains two Jewish cemeteries, and the entire site is listed as a war cemetery, the location where the victims of KL Plaszow rest. Please show respect for this site.
  5. Do not drive any vehicle in the Memorial site. If you ride your bicycle or kick scooter along Abraham Street, walk it or slow down.
  6. Please do not use the area for sports or training purposes.
  7. Show consideration for historical objects in the camp area. Do not damage benches, bins, exhibition and information boards and municipal infrastructure.
  8. You may not stray from the marked roads and paths in the Museum area. The Museum assumes no responsibility for the health and safety of people who stray from the indicated trails.
  9. A ban is imposed in the Museum area on sales, service provision, the distribution of advertising and sales promotion contents, the organization of events and on displaying temporary, permanent or semi-permanent objects without consultation with the area manager. If you observe such unlawful activities, please let us know.

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