Memorial Site
The KL Plaszow Memorial Site is designated for completing a museum project to commemorate the victims of the camp. The project is based on an architectural design created by Proxima Sp. z o.o. (later GPP Sp. z o.o.) and a scenario developed by the Kraków Museum. The Museum – the KL Plaszow Memorial Site, will consist of the former camp area, the Grey House, the KL Plaszow Memorial and the Audio Monument of KL Plaszow.
About the camp

    Visit to the memorial site
    • An open-air exhibition
      The Memorial Site hosts the  KL Plaszow open-air exhibition. Nineteen boards are displayed between Kamieńskiego and Jerozolimska Streets in locations that were important in the history of the camp. The exhibition features KL Plaszow, using archive photographs, fragments of prisoners’ accounts and short historical reports. We recommend going on a tour of the exhibition, beginning with Board no. 5, displayed next to the Grey House at 3 Jerozolimska Street.
    • Access
      Public transport Coach Car Railway

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      Widok na Jerozolimską 3

    • Tickets
      Admission is free.
    • The KL Plaszow Digital Archive
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