Appeal to Former Prisoners of KL Plaszow and Their Families

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Description: The principal objective of the KL Plaszow Museum is to preserve the memory of the prisoners of the former camp. We are pursuing this objective by creating the KL Plaszow Digital Archive, see
Information collected on the individual fates of the prisoners enables us to compile and present a complete history of the German Nazi labour and concentration camp Plaszow. Knowledge of those murdered and news about survivors is vital to that project. It is a legacy that we are committed to preserve and share in our educational and research projects.

Therefore, we appeal to the Survivors and their families to contact the KL Plaszow Museum in Kraków. Together, we can preserve the memory of those who were imprisoned in the Plaszow camp.

We look forward to receiving your letters and information. Please contact us at:


KL Plaszow Museum
ul. Lipowa 3/115
30-702 Kraków