Cleaning up the Grey House interior

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Description: On 22 May 2023, we cleaned up the rooms inside the Grey House located at 3 Jerozolimska street. The building is to be adapted for museum purposes. A permanent exhibition will be arranged on its  ground floor and in the basement; the first floor will contain rooms designed for educational purposes, a generally accessible multimedia library and a space for contemplation. The principal role in the arrangement of the exhibition to be hosted in the Grey House is assigned to the witnesses. Their accounts of their experiences as camp prisoners will enable the visitors to meet with the emotional, personal history of camp Plaszow.
The Grey House at 3 Jerozolimska Street was erected in 1925. It was occupied by the management of the cemetery, used by the Jewish Religious Community in Kraków, and by the Chevra Kadisha Burial Society. In the time of operation of KL Plaszow, it contained offices of the camp management, and a prison in its basement. After World War II, the building was used as a social and private apartment block. The Grey House is now included in the area of KL Plaszow Museum, in line with the agreement made between the Jewish Religious Community in Kraków and the city authorities.