Communication from the KL Plaszow Museum

Date of publication:

Description: We regret to announce that acts of vandalism took place in the area of KL Plaszow Museum. The memorial, designed as a symbolic tombstone of Sara Schenirer, was destroyed; vandals also damaged two components marking the boundaries of Jewish cemeteries located in the area of former labour and concentration camp Plaszow. The offender(s) broke in a digger owned by the subcontractor RE-Bau. The Police were called instantly, to take initial procedural steps.

All witnesses to the event are kindly requested to contact the KL Plaszow Museum: +48 12 307 02 53, or directly the Police.

Sara Schenirer (1883-1935) was a Polish-Jewish pioneer of Jewish education for girls, an educational and social activist, and the founder of the Bais Yaakov school system. Considering her pioneering role in teaching, she was named the Mother of Israel.

Sara Schenirer died on 1 March 1935 in Kraków. She was interred in the cemetery of the Kraków Jewish Congregation at Abraham Street. The memorial to Sara Schenirer was installed in the former Plaszow camp area in 2004.