Progress of building work works in the KL Plaszow Memorial Museum

Date of publication:

Description: Building works with the use of heavy machinery continue in the KL Plaszow Memorial Museum. Abrahama street is still closed for pedestrian traffic. Please do not enter building works sites and do not spoil new road components, e.g. road margins or wet concrete.

Roads running parallel to Abrahama street are open to pedestrians. Please use them with caution and keep away from the places where heavy equipment is operated. We advise you again that surfaces on all roads and paths in the area of former KL Plaszow are now completely removed and being replaced with new ones.

Due to the continued works and weather conditions all routes may be made unavailable to pedestrians in part or in whole.

The marking of boundaries of the Podgórze congregation cemetery will continue this week. Works go on with the aim of constructing open-air stairs that will lead from Abrahama street to the viewpoint and the execution place marked by a cross.

The phase of laying new surfaces (including asphalt on the road at the Nazi Victim Memorial) will begin soon, to be completed in December 2023. We will keep you updated on works progress.