The memorial to Sara Schenirer: an update

Date of publication:

Description: With reference to recent events, we are providing you with current information about steps taken in the case of destruction of the memorial to Sara Schenirer.

The sad news about destruction of the memorial to Sara Schenirer caused a great stir not only among Kraków citizens but also among all who received that information via traditional and internet media. Thank you for all your comments, messages and telephones addressing this event. We are really grateful to you and moved by your response.

Fortunately, vandals did not destroy the stone commemorating Sara Schenirer who was interred in the new Jewish cemetery. The memorial will be cleaned up and the stone erected again in its place during the following week (between 22 and 28 January 2024). We will keep you updated on work progress on the KLPM Facebook account.

The case is now being investigated by the Police. We expect that it will be solved soon.