The Memorial

The new building located just outside the former camp will host an historical exhibition. The exhibition will be divided into thematic segments featuring the most important topics in the history of the camp and the commemoration projects initiated after 1945.
The exhibition is principally educational. It is designed to introduce visitors to the history of the German Nazi concentration and labour camp in Plaszow. A separate section of the exhibition will be dedicated to the post-war memory of KL Plaszow. The authors of the exhibition will highlight the distinguishing characteristics of the Plaszow camp compared to other concentration camps and its local significance, on the one hand, and to present the history of this place as part of the wider Holocaust, on the other.
The Memorial is designed as the main museum building. Located in Kamieńskiego Street, outside but adjacent to the camp area, it is easily accessible by public transport and it will introduce visitors to the Memorial site and its theme. A car park and a small public park will be built next to the building.
The architects used the natural terrain to design a structure incorporated into  an escarpment, and hidden under the ground, exposing only its front facade. It forms a kind of walkway under Swoszowicka Street, to be used by visitors to enter the Memorial site. The designers’ aim is to concentrate the main traffic of visitors to the Memorial site at Kamieńskiego Street and relieve pressure on the densely developed Jerozolimska and Heltmana Streets.