Collections and multimedia

The KL Plaszow Museum, as an institution established in 2021, has limited resources and collections. The most important collection of historical objects relating to KL Plaszow contains artefacts revealed during archaeological surveys. The objects are kept in the Kraków Museum and analysed in cooperation with the KL Plaszow Museum. If you wish to provide information about or donate objects, please contact us.


Identify a witness

Identify a witness

The KL Plaszow Museum acquires and makes available knowledge of the former Plazow German Nazi labour and concentration camp, but principally preserves and maintains our memory of the prisoners and victims of the camp. Their given names and surnames, their biographies and photographs constitute the individual and collective history of KL Plaszow.

If you have information about the KL Plaszow Memorial site or people detained in the camp, please complete the below contact form or send a message directly to: