Archaeology in the memorial site

Duration: about 1.5-2 hours Place: the Grey House, 3 Jerozolimska Street Price: 150 PLN Booking: Description: The Kraków Museum conducted archaeological surveys in former KL Plaszow in 2016–2019. Field work revealed numerous objects: relics of barracks, tools, and prisoners’ personal belongings, such as cutlery, mugs, toilet service items, and buttons. These everyday objects are connected with individual stories of the prisoners, and are silent witnesses of tragic events.

During the tour, participants will learn about the methods used in archaeological surveys and in interpreting their results. The tour of the former camp area provides an opportunity to reflect on the role played by heritage monuments and by today’s objects and features in interpreting and experiencing the past of this site.

If you have questions about...

  • Where does the visit begin and end?
    The visit begins and ends next to the board displaying an aerial photograph of KL Plaszow taken in 1944, marked with number 5. It is installed near the historic Grey House (Google Maps) at 3 Jerozolimska Street.
  • How long will the meeting last?
    The visit is planned to take about two hours.
  • How should I prepare for the visit?
    The group of visitors participating in the tour will walk across a diverse terrain, mainly along paths with a gravel surface and asphalt-paved roads. Please see weather forecast to choose suitable clothing, remember to protect your head on sunny hot days, wear comfortable shoes and take a bottle of water. Take an umbrella or a raincoat with hood, if rain fall is forecast.
    Visitors who suffer from allergy are reminded that the memorial site is an open green area.
    The visit includes stretches leading through Jewish cemeteries; men are required by tradition to have their headwear on when visiting a cemetery.
  • Where can I read more about KL Plaszow prior to the meeting?
    You are encouraged to see information and publications displayed on our website. The Education section in the main menu contains a tab leading to educational materials.
    The Museum -> Publications section features studies and papers prepared by the Museum, including free downloads.
  • How do I get to and return from the memorial site?
    The easiest way of arriving to the meeting point is on foot from Podgórze, or on public transport, getting off at the Cmentarz Podgórski or Dworcowa stop; tram lines: 11, 13, 24, 73, 74.
  • I need additional information, where can I get it?
    If you need additional explanations, do not hesitate to contact us at:
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