The history of KL Plaszow

Duration: about 40 minutes Place: on-line Price: 50 PLN Booking: edukacja@plaszow.org Description: In 1942 the Germans established a forced labour camp for Kraków Jews on the outskirts of Kraków, eventually reorganizing it into a concentration camp. The largest group of prisoners included Kraków Jews transferred from the Ghetto in March 1943. Jews from other ghettos in the Kraków district of the General Government, Poles suspected of being involved in the resistance movement, and Romani families were also imprisoned in the camp. In August 1944, thousands of Poles arrested on ‘Black Sunday’ were detained in the camp. Executions carried out by German military police also took place in KL Plaszow.

Young people will be provided with general information about the prisoners’ fates, including threats to their lives, nutrition, contacts with other prisoners and with people from outside the camp, and camp transfers. Finally, the present-day space of KL Plaszow will be discussed as a location with visible traces of the past.
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