Recruitment continues

Every Victim Has a Name...

Duration: permanent recruitment Place: offices of the KL Plaszow Museum Booking: Description: Historical studies into the fates of former camp prisoners are among the principal Museum objectives. Since the camp archive is not preserved, we have to acquire and extend our knowledge based on various materials, such as testimonies, accounts, memoirs, and scientific studies. In order to organise our knowledge, we have created the KL Plaszow Digital Archive, in which we make available the information we have collected.

The task of volunteers who contribute to the project ‘Every Victim Has a Name…’ is to organize and analyse the collected archive resource. The archive contains heterogeneous materials, such as camp documents, eyewitness accounts, transport lists, inventories compiled by the prisoners, correspondence with the International Tracing Service, and audiovisual recordings and reports.

If you wish to participate in analyzing and processing data on the prisoners of KL Plaszow, your language skills may also be useful, e.g. your command of English, German, Hebrew, or French.
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