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Revealing Details

Duration: 1.07.2022–31.08.2022 Place: the memorial site KL Plaszow Booking: Description: Despite its apparent emptiness, the KL Plaszow Memorial site contains a number of traces of the past. These include relics of camp building development, such as foundations, machine supporting slabs, and components of camp infrastructure. It frequently takes a lot of knowledge and effort for the observer to reveal them.

The volunteering program ‘Revealing Details’ is focused on organizing selected landscape features in the Memorial site. The first phase of our project includes the Funeral Home ruins at the Jewish cemetery of the Kraków community. At present, beside the fragments of headstones, this is the largest complex of architectural relics in the Memorial site. Using precise tools, we will remove lichens from concrete relics of the building, and dispose of waste from that site.

In a later phase, our efforts will focus on the relics of camp kitchen and barrack no. 14 – the internal camp jail known as Kranzówka.

Before the project commences:

Remember that the Memorial site area is covered with vegetation and work is done in the open air. You will be exposed to constant contact with allergens typical of Kraków’s vegetation, and possibly to ticks and mosquitoes.

Work involves the use of gardening tools and contact with pollutants. Remember to take preventive steps, such as obtaining an effective tetanus vaccine.

Before become a volunteer:

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