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Plaszow Herbarium

Duration: as of 1.07.2022 Place: the memorial site KL Plaszow Booking: Description: Today’s perception of the Memorial site landscape is strictly related to its characteristics. The desolate post-camp area was dominated by nature over time. The first type of plants to grow in the former camp site were ruderal species communities that usually colonize ruins or uncovered building foundations. The rims of the camp quarry and naked limestone rocks were covered by xerophytes, and the former roll-call ground by a meadow; trees were planted in time in the industrial section. The area of former KL Plaszow now forms a habitat for a number of important and rare plant species.

The ‘Plaszow Herbarium’ volunteering project aims to systematically document the flora that inhabit the Memorial site. The objective is to identify various vegetation habitats and build up, step by step, a comprehensive herbarium as a valuable document giving a better insight into the present of KL Plaszow, beyond its history.

During the project we will:

1. getting to know the history of the KL Plaszow memorial site.
2. meet to talk about creating a herbarium.
3. getting to know the specificity of nature in the memorial site.
4. make a survays to identify natural habitats and prepare for work.
5. collect, along with the preparation of the necessary documentation and plant species identification.
6. prepare of dried plants and record cards.
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