Prizes in the contest for the arrangement of the exhibition

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Description: The committee of the contest for the arrangement of the permanent exhibition in the KL Plaszow Museum – Memorial Site in Kraków. The German Nazi Labour and Concentration Camp (1942–1945) (in organization) met on 7 December 2022.

The contest announced on 1 September 2022 aimed to select an aesthetically appealing, attractive and functional concept of artistic arrangement of the permanent exhibition to be displayed in the KL Plaszow Museum, considering the character of this memorial site. Information about contest regulations:
Six concepts were submitted in the contest. The contest committee concluded that the best design was proposed by Koza Nostra studio from Krakow, who were awarded the first prize amounting to PLN 20 thousand.

The second prize was awarded to Wzorro Design studio from Katowice (PLN 15 000), and the third prize to ART FM studio from Krakow (PLN 10 000).

As explained by the contest committee, the authors of the winning design propose a spatially attractive arrangement that is purposefully adapted to the characteristics of both the new building, known as Memorial, and the historic Grey House.

The artistic means of expression are aptly chosen and consistent with the exhibition theme. Limestone used in the design of both exhibition sections creates a narrative closely related to the history of KL Plaszow. It also harmonizes with the facade of Memorial building, consisting of limestone. The last section of the exhibition, open to the area of former camp, smoothly connects the exhibition with the memorial site The elements of the arrangement concept purposefully and economically combine the three sections of the commemoration project: the two parts of the permanent exhibition and the post-camp area.
According to the contest regulations, the authors of the winning work will be invited to negotiate a contract for a design of complete permanent exhibition in the KL Plaszow Museum.

All works that competed in the contest can be viewed on the website of the KL Plaszow Museum.

In addition, they will be displayed between 9 and 18 December 2022 in the library hall of the Krzysztofory Palace at 35 Rynek Główny in Krakow, a branch of the Krakow Museum, during its opening hours. Detailed information about the opening hours is given at: