We are committed to making the KL Plaszow Museum accessible to everyone, including visitors with special needs. However, the museum site is an historical space, and we are not free to adapt it to all needs.

Below you will find tips that may help you when visiting the KL Plaszow Memorial site. People with special needs can use our tourist guide service free of charge.

If you need additional information, or plan a tour for a large group of people with special needs, please contact us.

Kamil Karski is responsible for implementing the accessibility policy at the KL Plaszow Museum,
Tel.: +48 12 307 02 53


Accessibility statement

Accessibility statement

KL Plaszow memorial site

The Memorial site occupies an area of 0.37 sq. km between: Jerozolimska, Heltmana, Swoszowicka and Kamieńskiego Streets, and land without footways. The Memorial site contains no buildings accessible to visitors.

The Memorial site has varying accessibility. The terrain is hilly and uneven, with steep paths and slopes. The Museum area contains footways with varying construction – roads paved with stones, unpaved tracks, asphalt paths and roads. The historical Grey House is directly accessible for vehicular traffic from Jerozolimska Street (an asphalt road with a footway). From Kamieńskiego Street through Swoszowicka Street, you can drive to the Nazi Victim Memorial and the execution place known as H-Hill (an asphalt road, with a steep access path from Kamieńskiego Street).

Location and access ways:

You can reach the Memorial site on public transport:

to Jerozolimska Street: using tram and bus lines (to the Cmentarz Podgórski or Dworcowa stops).

to Kamieńskiego Street: using bus lines (to the Kamieńskiego stop).

Car park and parking spaces

No parking spaces are reserved for disabled visitors.


No buildings are located on the site.


No toilet is located on the site.


Office of the KL Plaszow Museum

ul. Lipowa 3/115, 30-702 Kraków

Location and access ways

The office of the KL Plaszow Museum is located in Kraków’s Zabłocie district. You can reach it on public transport, getting off at Bohaterów Getta Square and Zabłocie stop.

Car park and parking spaces

No parking spaces are reserved for disabled visitors.


There is a lift in the building. Its cab is sized 0.8 m x 1 m; and has buttons with Braille descriptions.


There is no toilet adapted to the needs of disabled people.

There is no defibrillator.


The KL Plaszow Museum is committed to making its website available in line with the Digital Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Application of Public Sector Bodies Act dated 4 April 2019. The accessibility statement applies to the Museum’s website.

Date of website publication: 16 February 2021

Last updated on: 16 February 2021

The website is partly consistent with the Digital Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Application of Public Sector Bodies Act dated 4 April 2019.

Declaration made on: DAY May 2022. The declaration is made in line with a self-assessment conducted by the public sector body.

Feedback information and contact details

If you encounter any problem with website accessibility, contact us. The contact person is Kamil Karski, The same address can be used to submit requests for the provision of information and to lodge complaints about the absence of accessibility.

Everyone can submit a demand for digital accessibility of a website, mobile application or any of their components. You can also request that information be provided using an alternative access method, such as the reading of a document that is not accessible in a digital format or preparing an audio description of a video. The request should contain details of the requesting party, identification of the website or mobile application in question and contact method. If the requesting party wishes to receive information using an alternative access method, the preferred way of providing information should also be defined. The public institution has to meet the request without delay, i.e. within 7 days of receiving the request. If that deadline cannot be met, the public sector body immediately advises the requesting party of the possible date of meeting the request, provided that the date is not later than within 2 months following the date of receiving the request. If the provision of digital accessibility is impracticable, the public sector body may propose an alternative method of access to information. If the public sector body denies the request to ensure accessibility or provide an alternative method of access to information, the requesting party may lodge a complaint in the matter of ensuring digital accessibility of the website, mobile application or their component. If the above procedure is exhausted, a request to the Ombudsman can be filed: