We are committed to making the KL Plaszow Museum accessible to everyone, including visitors with special needs. However, the museum site is an historical space, and we are not free to adapt it to all needs.

Below you will find tips that may help you when visiting the KL Plaszow Memorial site. People with special needs can use our tourist guide service free of charge.

If you need additional information, or plan a tour for a large group of people with special needs, please contact us.

Kamil Karski is responsible for implementing the accessibility policy at the KL Plaszow Museum,
Tel.: +48 12 307 02 53


Hearing impairment

Hearing impairment

To reach the Memorial site area, you have to pass pedestrian crossings that are equipped with light signals, and then head towards an undeveloped green space.

The area of KL Plaszow Museum hosts an open-air exhibition featuring short descriptions in both Polish and English.