We are committed to making the KL Plaszow Museum accessible to everyone, including visitors with special needs. However, the museum site is an historical space, and we are not free to adapt it to all needs.

Below you will find tips that may help you when visiting the KL Plaszow Memorial site. People with special needs can use our tourist guide service free of charge.

If you need additional information, or plan a tour for a large group of people with special needs, please contact us.

Kamil Karski is responsible for implementing the accessibility policy at the KL Plaszow Museum,
Tel.: +48 12 307 02 53


Mobility impairment

Mobility impairment

To reach the Memorial site area from public transport stops (at Kamieńskiego or Dworcowa Streets), you have to pass pedestrian crossings that are equipped with light signals, and then head towards an undeveloped green space.

The area of KL Plaszow Museum is a terrain with varying accessibility. The terrain is hilly and uneven, and access to certain locations may be difficult in adverse weather conditions. Trails arranged in the Memorial site vary in their accessibility. Arriving from Kamieńskiego Street, you can use a bitumen-paved road leading to the Nazi Victim Memorial and a cross, marking two mass execution places. The remaining paths have gravel surfaces or are grass-covered. but in times of precipitation (rain and snow falls), the area of the Memorial site becomes muddy.

The office of KL Plaszow Museum occupies rooms at 3 Lipowa Street in Kraków. The building is accessible, with some exceptions. You have to pass the main gate of the Institute of Ceramics and Building Materials, and then go through the barrier with a limited height to the yard. You will find the entrance to our office in front of you. The entrance is located on the top of a step 11 cm high and has a double glazed door 1 metre wide. The offices are on the first floor. A publicly accessible lift can be found left of the entrance, at a distance of 8 m. The lift has an automated door 87 cm wide. Inside the lift to the right, there is a control panel with Braille buttons. The corridor leading to the office rooms is situated behind a double door 1 metre wide. The Museum office rooms are located in the right section of the corridor, past a left turn. The office rooms have doors 90 cm wide, without thresholds.

The building has no disabled toilet.

Map of the Museum, indicating accessibility of selected roads and paths.

Map of the Museum, indicating accessibility of selected roads and paths.